Our Company

Our company Golden Bee Ltd is established in 1996, by two friends Topel Arı and Nazmi Aytaç Altınok, who were already sales representatives in the cleaning and cosmetics sectors. Starting with wholesale, company extended the product and customer audience in time.

Our company provides products to more than 800 sales points, with more than twenty workers including seven sales representatives.

Our company is managed by a founding staff having long term coordination, import, sales, advertisement experience. We have a strong potential and ability to expand, standing strong in many commercial activities.

With the knowledge, expertise and ability of our managing staff, we apply radical and futuristic sales techniques respecting customer services in the first place, distributing responsibilities according to scientific bases, with the effort and leadership of motivated staff, we aim to carry the success of our company one step further with its 21 century vision.

Our company imports products from Turkey and other countries.